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Wonder how those large characters were created? Just use this service.

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Maybe it's just too late while I'm working on this, but I actually found this page of "stars that were" laugh-out-loud funny. The sound bytes are the best. smileb.gif 0.14 K

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Need a new screensaver? You'll find more than a few choices here.

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Send a koool animated electronic personalized greeting card for $1.95.

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Now this is dedication. Even includes The Unofficial Brady Bunch Screen Saver

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What a commerical movie site should be: Video clips, sound files, and multimedia.

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Looking to see some flesh and have time to sort through the mass? Check out Men On The Net.

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Several resources for gay youth... plus a very interesting Profile In Courage for December 1995 smileb.gif 0.14 K

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These are the guys who inspired me to create Justin's Koool Page. I even had my first online crush on Eddy... who now seems to have changed his name to Michael. Of course, I've heard stranger things. smileb.gif 0.14 K

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Tired of being warnerj@station4.er2inc.com? Choose any name @ any of hundreds of domains; joe@oceanographer.com, aguy@horrible.com; me@prickpocket.com, whatever.

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Want to reserve your own domain name? This company will get your request sent to the Internic most likely within the hour.

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Software reviews by people who review software. smileb.gif 0.14 K View programs by staff recommendations as well as by download popularity.

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The Yahoo! of Windows 95 software. Categorized with very detailed reviews.

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Know the name of a program but can't find it elsewhere? Try looking here.

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My personal start page. If you need to find it, start here.

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