Justin's Life... January 25-31, 1996

Justin's Life... January 25-31, 1996

January 25, 1996


Sunday morning, Larry and I woke around 10:15AM in anticipation of meeting John, the red head I mentioned earlier, at 11AM for brunch. --I somehow neglected to mention it, but I called John's number Friday night and asked his barely-speaking-English roommate if John was home. He told me no. I called back later and found that John still wasn't home. Saturday morning I called again and John's roommate once again answered the phone. I asked for John and he sleepily talked to me on the phone. I didn't say anything too complex at first, waiting for him to wake, but by the end of our conversation, we agreed to meet at 5PM Saturday afternoon. At a little after 3PM when Larry and I returned to the hotel to get ready for our meeting, we found a message on the phone saying that John had to cancel and was sorry.

At a little before 11AM, John called to say that he was running late, but would arrive in about twenty minutes. I packed my suitcase and Larry started packing his.

The phone soon rang and I went downstairs to find a guy with ultra short, light red hair and a darker red couple-days-old beard. He didn't look like my red headed knight. His skin wasn't the pale freckled or gold variety and his hair, while red, was hardly there. At the most, it was 1/4 an inch long. Truth is, I wondered to myself how I could get out of hanging with him as we rode the elevator back to room to meet Larry (who was still packing).

Larry finished his packing, we put the luggage in the bell boy's room, and headed out on the street to find a place for brunch. We eventually saw a nice little spot and went inside.

During the meal, I got to better know John and he started to grow on me. I stopped noticing how short his hair was and instead noticed that it was really red --There I was: Talking to a real life-red head who was interested in me.-- and his eyebrows were blond. (I think I mentioned it before, but if not, eyebrows are really an important facial aspect.)

After the meal, the three of us took back to the streets and ended up at an HMV record store. Larry, being the audiophile he is, looked through several racks and picked up quite a few CD's. John and I just sorta passed the time by looking through the bins.

As we were looking through the country CD's (John was just looking there because I wanted to.), a song from the Priscilla soundtrack came on. I told him that it would be a koool soundtrack to have and went back to re-find it on the shelf.

Afterwards, I went to Larry and he asked what CD I was buying. I showed him Priscilla and he took it from me to put it in his pile. I really wasn't hitting him up to pay for it, but to be honest, I figured he would.

Larry continued to look at the CD's while John went into the Jazz section. I hung back and asked Larry his opinion of John. He said he thought John was cute and had a great personality. I still doubted the romantic future of John and I, but I thought I might as well flirt with him and explore the possibility, especially since Larry thought something could be there.

So I headed into the Jazz section and asked John what he was looking at. He showed me a CD and said he had several of the guy's CD's at home. I took the CD from his hand, went to the counter, and paid for it, before giving it to John. He said that he couldn't believe that I actually bought it for him and thanked me. His gratefulness was really sweet.

We walked around a little more, but Larry and I needed to head to the airport for the flight at 5PM. After we'd gotten back to the hotel, Larry went upstairs to make a phone call. John and I stayed in the lobby and we talked some more. Meanwhile, I noticed John had really furry arms... really blond furry arms. I asked him if his chest was equally as furry and he said yes. A furry blond chest: I think I'd die.

Anyway, I lusted at my mental image of John's chest before we went upstairs so that John could say bye to Larry and thank him for brunch.

An hour and a half later, Larry and I were at the Newark airport, ready to fly back to Boston, but were told at check-in that no seats next to each other were available. The gate attendant added, though, that we could check back nearer flight time when they stopped holding seats. So time passed and they called our row to board. I went back to one of the gate attendents and was once again told the seats hadn't been released. Pretty soon, it was 4:55PM and the plane had boarded. I asked yet another time if two seats were available together. This time, however, I was told that the seats still hadn't been released, but only one empty seat remained on the plane. Why didn't they tell me that ten minutes earlier? No one had checked in since then. And why weren't the seats together in the first place? Larry ordered the tickets during the same phone call... Suffice it to say I'll be avoiding Continental if at all possible.

January 26, 1996>


After Larry and I got home, we called Rob and he came over to my apartment. We just hung out for a while before Rob went back home.

Monday evening, Larry called Rob to see if he'd like to go to dinner and a movie. He said yes and we agreed to see Waiting To Exhale which was playing at Copley.

Before Rob could go to dinner, though, he had to take a shower. So Larry and I left to Chili's restaurant and ordered a couple of appetizers while we waited for Rob to arrive. Once he did, we ordered dinner, talked a lot more than the last time Rob & Larry were together, and hurried off to the very entertaining movie.

Afterwards, Larry went to the Black Rose bar in order to give Rob some time with me alone. I first told him it wasn't necessary, but Rob seemed to really like the idea, so I agreed. It was really sweet of Larry.

While Larry was at the bar, Rob asked me if he was going skiing with Larry and me. Larry had only mentioned Rob going if things worked out between the two of them, but never really said anything concrete about it. I shouldn't have told Rob there was a possibility of him going with us earlier in the week, but I did. Yet another time, my big mouth opened up a can of worms.

Around 1AM, Larry called to say that he was heading back to the apartment. When he buzzed the door, I went downstairs and asked him about Rob coming with us. He said that he hadn't given it much thought and weighed the options while we stood in the hallway, but he couldn't reach a decision before we went inside.

For the next hour or so, the three of us just basically existed. I think I went from room to room while Rob watched TV and Larry talked on the phone to California.

It came time for Rob to go home and still a decision hadn't been made about his coming with us. He and I both assumed that meant he wasn't and he said he'd see me after I got back. I felt really bad. I knew he really wanted to go and this was just another time where he felt like I was placing Larry over him, but I didn't say anything more to Larry.

The next morning, Larry woke up, ran some errands, and rented a car. When he got back, he asked me again how I felt about Rob not going. I explained how I could see both his and Rob's point of views but I'm pretty sure my disappointment was obvious.

Long story short because I really don't feel like rehashing all this and because it's been several days since it occured and I can't remember the details 100% correctly, Larry and I drove over to Rob's apartment and picked him up before heading to New Hampshire.

We got here (I'm writing in Larry's PC notebook) and ate dinner before going to sleep.

Wednesday morning, we woke to find rain. It was near noon and the rain made the thought of skiing for a couple of hours pretty unthinkable. We rented some movies, went to the grocery store and vegged.

Thursday, we woke around 9AM and got dressed to go skiing at Loon mountain. By noon, we were on the mountain and I was giving Rob some pointers. He already skiied pretty well, but I thought it was cute that he was asking me for help.

Today, we went skiing again and had even more fun. I got to plow snow on Larry and we were all going a little faster. Sure, I fell a couple of times, but oh well...

Also today, I flirted with the guy who was at the ski check. (He had that red head golden complexion, but his hair was covered so I couldn't tell for sure.) I made sure I said thank you each time he did something and when I gave him a $1 tip, he said, "Thanks. You didn't have to do that."

Afterwards, I started longing for a ski bum of my own. Where are all the cute guys?

Tonight, Larry, Rob, and I are hanging around the condo. I think we'll get some food in a minute and we should be heading back to Boston tomorrow morning.

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