Justin's Life... July 18-30, 1996

Justin's Life... July 18-30, 1996

July 18, 1996


As I was typing the last paragraph of the previous entry, Larry yelled for me to get in the hot tub. I quickly saved the file and went right out to find Lance reclining on Larry, both without their clothes (not that I expected to see anything different )

I came back into Larry's bedroom, took off my clothes, then walked back outside to get in myself. As I stepped into the water, Larry complained of how it was too hot and how he was going to pass out from the heat. The water wasn't even that warm and I'd told him to call me before he was ready to get out, so I told him straight out to shut up and lowered myself on in.

For about five minutes, we all sat in the hot tub and relaxed until Larry said he was getting out. A couple seconds later, Lance followed and I got out myself. After Lance and I had toweled off, we walked into the bedroom to find Larry laying on the bed. Lance joined him, but I, however, went into the kitchen and got the can of whip cream.

When I got back, I put a dab on Larry and licked it off. It was interesting, but not as erotic as I thought. Before long, the whip cream had found its way onto each of us and well, it was still an interesting addition, but nothing near what I'd anticipated.

When the novelty wore off, the three of us decided to sleep and I was in the middle. I'd always slept on one of the sides before, but figured sleeping in the middle couldn't be that different: I was completely wrong. The heat radiating from Larry and Lance was unbearable. I couldn't sleep and a few times thought seriously about getting up to sleep on the couch. But I stayed and watched the clock, just waiting for it to say 4:30AM, when it would be time to send Lance on his way to work.

That time and relief came... and I vowed never to sleep in the middle again.

When Lance was gone, Larry and I got back into bed and slept a little longer before heading into work. During the day at the office, among many other things, Larry made reservations for the hotel in Vegas and I got a little further on JKP finances. Koool.

When Larry and I got home at around 7PM, Lance was asleep. Knowing that Larry and I'd taken a nap while he'd been at work, we let him stay asleep until Warren arrived home. When that happened, the four of us drove to Kachina, the Mexican restaurant where I met Lance a couple weeks ago. Dinner was pretty standard.

By the time we got back, it was around 11PM - time to go to bed. Hands went a few places, but nothing really happened.

This morning I woke with Lance wrapped around me (a really nice feeling). I looked to see if Larry was on the other side, but he was not. He'd said before that he would be sleeping with Daisy (his female boxer who's in heat) to keep her away from Eugene (his male boxer), but when I fell asleep he was still in the bed. And oddly enough, a few seconds after I woke up, Larry walked into the room. He crawled into bed on the other side of Lance and the three of us started the day with a bang.

July 21, 1996


Thursday morning, Larry took Warren back to the airport while I slept then wrote the above entry. When Larry returned a few hours later, he went on to work and I stayed home to work on a possible ad to run in The Advocate. But by the time four o'clock came around, I was pretty bored and decided to drive into the office just to see Larry and grab a bite at McDonald's.

Thursday night, the two of us stayed home alone and ordered pizza in. We called Lance a couple times before falling alseep, but overall the night was uneventful.

Friday morning, Katie went off to pre-school and Larry & I headed to Six Flags' Magic Mountain. We got soaked on the water logs and let our feet dangle on Batman: The Ride. I pigged out on junk food and stared at shirtless guys throughout the park. Larry even won me a stuffed gorilla from one of a the carnival games. It was definitely a koool day.

When I was completely exhausted and suffering from a my-head-has-been-shaken-and-banged-too-much headache, we left. We came home then made a quick trip to the Price Club for a few things to take to the ranch. When we got back to the house, Lance was parking his car. Perfect timing.

The three us hugged, hurriedly packed for the trip, then headed out. By ten o'clock, we arrived here at the ranch and went asleep.

Yesterday, I woke in the waterbed with Lance. (Larry was once again sleeping with Daisy) When I repositioned myself, Lance woke then moved over to hug me. We hugged for a few minutes and nodded back off. And the next thing I knew, Larry walked into the bedroom and got in the bed with us. Boxers came off and the body melding began. Lance and I kissed and caressed while Larry focused on other regions. Half an hour later, it was over and I took a shower while Lance took a bath.

And while I'm on the subject, someone wrote to say that I was neglecting to mention safe sex. Including as much as I do online, I try to keep just a few things on the more private (and less graphic) side, but rest assured all the stuff Larry, Lance, and I have done is safe. I've yet to even go down on anyone. And Larry's the only one who has done that to me. For the most part, Lance and I stay above the covers while Larry goes underneath. Go ahead and use your imagination. You'll figure it out.

By mid-afternoon, the four of us (Katie) went into town to the grocery store and K-mart. Before returning home, though, Larry stopped at the car wash and got out to hose down the Explorer. Not ten seconds after he started, he opened the door and power jetted me with water. This was war.

When he was spraying the opposite side of the car, I got out and got some change from the machine. I knew I'd get totally wet, but at least I'd make Larry share in the dampness. I went into the next bay and pumped $1.50 in... just to get revenge. I came around the corner and blasted him. And for the next three minutes, we got a lot more water on us than the car. Heck, we even got the nozzles within a foot of each other on full power. We were soaked and laughing hysterically by the time the spray guns cut off. It was great... and I couldn't help but think of those commericials where people are washing a car then start soaking the other. The ones where I always thought, "That really looks like fun, but that never happens in real life." Well, yesterday it happened to me without any pre-planning and it was just as fun as I'd imagined.

When we got home, Larry cooked pork chops on the grille for lunch then steaks for dinner. We just hung around during the day then started watching Clueless after dinner. Unfortunately, Larry fell asleep within the first ten minutes, and I followed shortly thereafter.

When I woke, Lance was walking towards the bedroom giggling. I had no idea if he'd had something to drink or what, but his incessant giggling definitely seemed odd. I tried to wake Larry to put him in the bed, but he wouldn't budge. I then took myself into the bedroom and layed down next to Lance. He was still giggling and I started to find the situation unnerving. He pulled the back of my boxers down, but I kept my weight on their front. I was half asleep, but awake enough to know I didn't want to do anything with someone who might be drunk. And I wasn't sure what he'd want to do with me if he were drunk.

About five minutes later, when the giggling had died down, Lance told me that he'd thrown a stuffed bunny from the top of the stairs and hit me in the head and that was the reason I'd woken just as he was walking away. A logical explanation but I kept my boxers on, nonetheless... well, on until this morning.

July 28, 1996


After spending a quiet Sunday afternoon at the ranch, the three of us headed back to L.A.. When things were carried in from the car, I went into bedroom, got undressed to my t-shirt and boxers, then got in the bed. But before I was able to fall asleep, Lance was over attacking me. I'd mentioned earlier in the day that I'd had enough sex to last me for a good while and was rather tired of it, but apparently Lance wanted his way. He was pulling my boxers off with such force that I was honestly convinced that they'd rip at any second. I did my best to keep them on then said that I was going to call Larry to help me. As Lance continued his laughing and tugging, I pushed the phone's buttons trying to get the intercom to work... but I didn't know which extention would reach Larry (who was once again going to sleep with Daisy downstairs). After I'd tried a couple extentions, the door opened; it was Larry.

In as light and carefree voice as I could muster, I told Larry that Lance was trying to rip my boxers off and that I was going downstairs to sleep with him. Truth be known, I wasn't sure where Lance's head was or what he wanted to do. I'm fairly certain that he'd go down on me if I'd let him and due to his almost constantly being under medication for asthma or back pain or some other ailment, I'm never quite sure where he is mentally. I mean, I'm never quite sure just how the medication is affecting him... or his judgments. And I certainly don't want anything to happen while I'm asleep.

So, I went downstairs with Larry and we watched TV for about fifteen minutes... and then Daisy started snoring. I mean, a snoring person is bad enough but to have to try to sleep through a dog's snoring is ridiculous. And I was worried about Lance. On one hand, I didn't want to be attacked while I was asleep, but on the other I didn't want him to feel bad about what had happened. I told Larry that I was going to go sleep with Lance and headed back upstairs.

But when I got there, the lights were on and the bed was empty. I looked around the house and checked the bathrooms. Lance was no where to be found. I even went outside: His car was gone. Worried that it was after 1AM and that he was driving home very sleepily, I ran back downstairs and said to Larry, "He's gone."

No note, no nothing. I called his voice mail at his apartment and left a message. I called his voice mail at his work and left a message. I called his voice mail at his apartment again and left another message. I knew the game he was playing: I'd played it myself several times before, but I also knew that if the positions had been reversed and I was the one playing the game, I'd want someone to call and be worried about me. And I did want to know that he'd made it home safely. Larry, however, knew the game and didn't want any part of it. True, it was childish for Lance to leave without a note or coming downstairs, but I understood. Like I said, I'd done it myself too many times before.

At around 2:30AM, Lance called to say that he'd made it home and got my messages. His excuse for leaving was that if he wanted to sleep alone, he might as well sleep in his own bed. A nearly hour long drive, for that? I don't think so, but I told him that I'd come back up to sleep with him, nonetheless. When we got off the phone a couple minutes later, I fell asleep next to Larry in the waterbed.

When Larry got home from work on Monday, Katie, he, and I went to Chuck E. Cheese's. Truth be known, I was more of a kid than Katie was. I played the games, ate nearly an entire large pizza, and even bought a frozen birthday cake before we left. I had a great time acting less than my age at the arcade games and at the table, Larry & I discussed his feelings on having another child. It was almost a bonding experience: As time goes on, I'm becoming more and more like Katie's parent.

On Tuesday, Lance, Larry, and I went to eat at a steakhouse called Damon's. It was a nice quiet dinner and afterwards we came back and went to sleep... without occurence.

On Wednesday, I stayed at home to finish packing while Larry went to work. For the night's dinner, Larry thought we'd go to DC3, but I wasn't in the mood for something so upscale. And ordering pizza in didn't seem like quite enough. Eventually, I decided that I'd like to go to Country Star. Sure, no one else cared for it, but I did and it was "my" night.

At around 7PM, Val, Katie, Lance, and I left the house to meet Larry at the restaurant. The last time we were there, the place was bare. The idea of having to wait to get a table never entered our minds... of course, having said that, the place had a 20 minute wait. I needed to be at the airport at 9PM for my 10PM flight, but perhaps the wait would be less and we'd be able to eat. We stood around for several minutes then opted to eat at some hot dog place on Citywalk. It was ok, but I'd rather have spent my last LA dinner in a less hussled manner.

When our eating was done, Larry, Lance, and I proceeded to the airport in the Mercedes while Val and Katie headed home in Val's car. During the ride there (and practically the whole night) Lance was particularly quiet. I couldn't figure out why, since he'd been fine on Tuesday, but he was nonetheless.

When we arrived at the airport, Larry and Lance let me out while they went to park the car. But before I'd gotten to a ticket agent, they'd made it back. One piece of checked luggage, no charge for the reticketing (without the good cop, bad cop routine) and we walked to the gate... to find the flight had been delayed an hour and fifteen minutes.

Larry asked when we should be back to board and the gate agent said by 11PM. And so, we walked around the airport, had some ice cream, then returned at around 10:50PM. Larry said that he was tired and asked if he could leave. I said that he could and the two of them gave me a hug and left. Yeah, Larry was probably tired, but I think the real reason he left was so that he wouldn't have to see me get on the plane. It wasn't as emotional just to leave me at the airport.

So anyway, 11:15PM arrived and the flight was cancelled. The new flight, at a different gate, was scheduled to leave at 12:35AM. Wonderful. Waiting at an airport is always boring, but I was waiting at a closed airport. I couldn't even look at the magazines or overpriced gift items. I bought a pack of blank postcards from a postal vending machine then started writing a couple friends back home. "Bored at LAX" was how I titled one.

Close to 12:30AM, a airline representative announced that this flight was also cancelled, for unknown reasons. He offered the option of waiting for the next flight at 2AM or spending the night in an airport hotel to head out the next morning. I chose the later... because the third flight could have just as easily been cancelled and because I thought staying at an airport hotel for free would be koool.

After I was reticketed to leave on a 7:45AM flight the next morning, the airline rep. gave me a hotel voucher and sent me to the waiting area for the L.A. Hilton. By the time the shuttle arrived some fifteen minutes later, I was almost ready to go back and get on the 2AM flight, but I took the shuttle, nonetheless, got a room with no hassle then proceeded to the elevators. At that hour, the only other people checking into the hotel were uniformed pilots. They took two of the elevators then another plain clothed guy and I took the last. He reminded me of Frank, but it was such a random meeting I didn't think anything of it.

I set the alarm clock for 6:30AM, arranged for a wake up call at the same time, then went to sleep.

The next morning I woke, got dressed in the same clothes as the day before (as my luggage had already been sent to Boston), and took the shuttle back to the United gate. At 7:15AM, I called Larry to tell him I was still at LAX and wouldn't be in Boston until 4PM, then the plane started to board. As I was walking to the gate, the guy taking tickets looked remarkably familiar... it was the guy in the elevator the night before. He said, "Deja vu" and I said, "I was thinking, 'Wasn't he the guy in the elevator last night?'" A cute male flight attendant. I was hoping he'd be on the plane and I could see him again.

And he was... during the flight, we flirted. When it came time to pay for the in-flight movie headphones, I had my $5 out, but he handed me the cord and said, "Elevator discount." He commented on my choosing Coke for breakfast, and I made sure he saw the "Advo" part of The Advocate magazine from under my tray table. It was one of the most seemingly short flights I ever remember taking. I didn't even have time to read both of my magazines.

When I got back in Boston, I took a cab to find my apartment exactly as I left it a month ago --heck, it even smelled the same--. I then fell asleep.

On Friday, I made a few phone calls, worked on getting the Members Edition back in order, and filled out mail forwarding requests. Overall, it was catch-up day.

July 30, 1996


My aparment is a wreck. I've spent the last few days cleaning and packing to get ready for my move. On Saturday, I fly to Kentucky, then on the following Thursday I meet Larry in St. Louis. He and I are driving my car back to Los Angeles.

[Diagram of Cross Country Trip]

I'm sure the trip will be a slightly... but only slightly tamer version of Thelma and Louise.

Since this computer will be packed shortly, I'll be offline until around August 10th. I'll try to keep notes, but until then... have fun. Click here to move on to the next set of entries.

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