Justin's Life... June, 1996

Justin's Life... June, 1996

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June 19, 1996


Lately, I've been in an Internet nightmare. My local dial-up connection, cybercom.net, stopped working and completely ignored my complaints. I could dial in, but getting anywhere after the connection was near impossible. By Friday night, I'd started getting pissed and wrote:

Subject: Is anyone there?

Earlier today I e-mailed stating that the system wasn't working correctly. I tried calling, but your phone simply answered and hung up. I then sent a fax, and I've yet to receive a response. The problem still exists and I haven't gotten even a response to say that it's being looked into.

                                          Justin Clouse

Several letters, phone calls, & days later, I'd still not gotten a response. Amazed that a company could just not care and not even pretend to care, I faxed and snail mailed this letter yesterday:

To whom it may concern:

I've never dealt with such an apathetic company in all my life. I've written several letters informing you that your service was not working correctly and sent them to addresses ranging from admin@cybercom.net to support@cybercom.net and even to sales@cybercom.net in hopes that my mail would somehow get noticed. Furthermore, I've faxed a complaint and called several times to simply be hung up on. Today, I called during support hours only to be told by voice mail that no one could take my call. This is unacceptable.


                                          An extremely angry ex-customer, 
                                          Justin Clouse

While that doesn't seem like a major problem now that I've written down, it was enough to drive me near crazy. I signed up for GNN.com, AOL's internet service, only to find it wouldn't run any 32-bit software and that it was beyond slow. Then earlier today, I signed up for Pipeline and cancelled GNN. I've been pulling my hair out.

In more interesting news, the Members Edition is going well. Nearly 100 people have signed up and the feedback from the members has been positive. I spent a large part of today looking online to find a way to accept credit cards directly.

As for the last diary entry, I've gotten a lot of comments on it. I didn't realize saying that I've been horny was such a big deal, but...

And as for being horny, I haven't done anything to quench it, but I did talk and flirt with Frank last night. It seems that we'll be seeing each other when I get to California next week.

June 23, 1996


Today I've been so lonely I feel like I'm going to explode. I tried to think of somewhere to go, something to do, but got no further than Store 24 to buy a Sunday paper.

June 25, 1996


Well, I leave for California in just a few short hours: I am excited and relieved.

I've still got some packing to do, but I'll be taking my notebook on the plane.


I've packed and in just over an hour, I'll be calling a cab. Koool

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