"Eyelashes" Explanation

When I told "Eyelashes" that I was going to write about her in my online diary, she expressed some concern. Some of the stuff she told me, while sensational enough to fill an entire week of Jerry Springer, could be disadvantageous to her if it got out. As she doesn't know me because of the diary, in other words, as she hasn't read the diary for herself and doesn't know exactly from where it comes or what I include in it, she expressed some concern that I include her name or her good-enough-for-a-talk-show story of her boyfriend's betrayal. The conversation ended with her saying that she was going to trust me to write whatever I wanted, and so, rather than creating a pen name for her, I've decided to call her Eyelashes. Her eyelashes caught my attention the other day and I ended up sending her an e-mail on them, so it's not some totally random name... but rather a little slice of life, close enough to be true, but vague enough not to pinpoint her to anyone who might happen to read this and want to cause harm.



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