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A few weeks back, I was writing the Friday's Thoughts... weekly newsletter when I half-seriously mentioned having a "Meet Justin Convention" in Las Vegas. I figured a few guys would write back to say that it sounded interesting... and a few did... and a few more did... and well, it's going to happen:

Yes, you... and you... and you... and I are going to Las Vegas for a weekend full of gambling at roulette and blackjack, eating buffets and burgers, seeing the Star Trek exhibit and more. The itinerary is planned and can accomodate anywhere from 4 people to 104. The only thing uncertain now is the number of rooms needed and the exact hotel we'll be staying in. I'd like to stay downtown, but the size of the hotels there is somewhat prohibitive of large groups. As such, I need a specific room count and deposit as soon as possible so that I can determine which hotels are capable of having us and in which hotel we will ultimately stay.

As determining the hotel depends on a number of factors, I'd like to ask that you fill out this form and return it as soon as possible, but no later than June 25, 1998.

If you decide that you'd like to go after June 25, 1998, I can try to add additional rooms but if you return your form before June 25, 1998, I guarantee that we will all stay at the same hotel.

For what it's worth, I'll be arriving in Las Vegas, and the festivities will begin on Thursday, July 30th. I will be leaving Las Vegas, and the last breakfast will occur on Monday, August 3rd.

YOU Have To Be There

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