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City:____________________ State:___________ ZIP:__________________

E-Mail Address:___________________________________________________

I will be requiring a hotel room, starting the evening of:

  Thursday, July 30   -   Friday, July 31   -   Saturday, August 1

I will be checking out the morning of:

  Saturday, August 1   -   Sunday, August 2   -   Monday, August 3

I would prefer:
A Room To Myself - Up To $90 Per Night
To Room With Someone - Up To $45 Per Night
I will do my best to get the lowest possible room rates. However, due to the previously mentioned uncertainty as to specific hotel, the exact rate cannot be determined at this time. The above prices are the most that the rooms will cost. Your credit card information will be given to the chosen hotel and they will handle billing directly. For those of you opting to share a room, your half of the room will be billed by Koool, but you remain liable for the room to the fullest extent allowable by law. (Not that I suspect any major partiers will tear up the room, but "my lawyers" made me throw that in.) Also, those of you opting to share a room understand that I know the person you'll be rooming with as much as you know the person you'll be rooming with. You agree to hold me as a non-liable third party for any damages sustained because of your roommate. (Not that I suspect any major crazies to be in attendance, but "my lawyers" made me throw that in as well.)

While "my lawyers" have forced me to point out the specifics of sharing a room, in the best possible scenario, you'd share a room, meet your future husband, and end up living happily ever after. It could happen... stranger things certainly have happened to me.

I would prefer:
A Non-Smoking Room
A Smoking Room
No Preference

Special Requests:

Credit Card Number:_______________________________________________
                    Visa or Mastercard

Expiration Date:__________________________________________________

Name On Credit Card:______________________________________________


Postal Mail:
Justin Clouse
9903 Santa Monica Blvd #170
Beverly Hills CA 90212